Friday, May 9, 2014

Slice of heaven

This evening Nathaniel and I went up to campus because I needed to print off some papers. I parked in 30 minute parking and carried him over to the library where we could print the needed things. It was a gorgeous evening. Cool but not cold, the grass and flowers so vibrant with color, and I thought that it would be fun to spend some time outside with my boy.

Quickly I printed of my pages, and then we went back outside and did just that. I let Nathaniel walk (he toddles on his own or holding my hand), and we took a nice slow pace. We stopped to notice the bright flowers. He took an excursion in the grass and figured out that he had to lift his feet differently in order to walk through it. We explored little pieces of dirt on the sidewalk. He fell and scraped his knee and his forehead on the sidewalk, I held him while he cried, and then he was off again, happy as ever to be walking and discovering. He waved and said "Hi!" to random students. We walked side by side, or holding hands, or with him a little ways away exploring, but never too far because he still needs to be near Momma in strange places.

I think heaven will be filled with moments like these.

Moments that Matter Most