Monday, April 18, 2011


Chris and I got to serve for just a few weeks together in Nursery at Church. We helped out in the older Nursery class in which most of the kids are 2 going on 3. We only got to be in Nursery for about 6 weeks or so before we both got other callings, and we miss it a lot. Those kids have a way of working themselves into your heart really fast. Here are two of my favorite Nursery stories:

1.We were having play time and one of the girls grabbed a dinosaur and a little Princess Belle figurine. She proceeded to stick Belle's head inside the dinosaur's mouth and started walking around the room screaming on Belle's behalf. It was really hard not to laugh as we tried to help her use her "inside voice".

2. At the beginning of class we had a picture for the kids to color of a little boy that said things like "I have two hands like Heavenly Father" and "I have a face like Heavenly Father." Two of the boys in our class were tired of coloring and had moved over to the tubs of toys trying to hint to us teachers that they were ready to move on. I grabbed one of the drawings and went over and sat by them and started saying things like "Look! This says, 'I have two hands like Heavenly Father!' Do you have two hands?" And they'd hold up their hands and show me. One of the boys stood up, grabbed my hands, looked right into my eyes and said in a happy voice, "I like you!" and then ran off to play. Wow. What a special thing to be liked by a two year old.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Four Months Tomorrow

Four months ago tomorrow, this picture was taken. It's been an exciting four months full of moving and working and studying and eating and churching and learning and growing and buying and loaning and pbbbbing and cooking and breaking and filing and driving and walking and shopping and singing and teaching and talking and laughing and watching, and chalk throwing, and visiting, and General Conferencing and and and... Pretty much, married life is the best. Here are a few pictures we've taken since we got married:

Nauvoo - under the old bridge

Nauvoo - Outside the Sarah Granger Kimball home

Our apartment with all its beautiful furniture

Valentine's Day Flowers

Checking out the snow in Provo Canyon

Our rental car. This thing is funny. There were all kinds colored of lights inside to make it a "party car" (it's a Ford Fiesta). Our new car has a much more conservative interior and was much cheaper.

Think this guy, but with some hail damage on the hood and roof (and with a less dramatic spoiler).