Friday, November 16, 2012

Thoughtful mothers

So I have an awesome job where I get to work with awesome people. I teach kids how to play the piano, read music, etc., and their moms or their dads come with them to class every week. I love it because I get to work with kids, see parenting in action, and get to know some incredible parents.

Lots of the moms have been super excited for me and this pregnancy, and get this: two (count 'em... two!) of them have just given me a bag full of cute maternity clothes. How sweet is that? Just out of the goodness of their hearts they thought, "hey, she's a young, probably newly married gal. Maybe she'd like these maternity clothes that I'm not using anymore." Thanks to these two moms, my own mother, and my sister-in-law, I now probably have more maternity clothes than I'll even need. And on top of that, they are cute maternity clothes, so I'm better dressed as a pregnant woman than I was before my belly got big!

Thanks for looking out for me, girls. God bless you and your giving hearts.

P.S. Felt the baby have hiccups two days ago. Holy cuteness, Batman!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I'm officially an aunt twice! My first little nephew was born last week. Mom and baby are doing really well. His name is Theodore, but they're calling him Teddy. Isn't he adorable?

Can't wait to meet him at Christmas!
And I love the look on his face in this photo. It's like he's saying, "What. is. going. on?"
Congrats to my wonderful brother and sister-in-law!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

And the results...

(sung to the tune of, "I'm the map!" from Dora the Exporer)

It's a boy, it's a boy,
It's a boy, it's a boy,
It's a BOY!!!!!

We had the ultrasound yesterday and got to see our beautiful little boy. He was dancing and squirming the whole time. The ultrasound person nurse lady was really great and told us all about what she was documenting as she went through. It was sooo cool to see things like his heartbeat (you could actually see the valves pumping!), or his legs move, or his spine curve as he ducked his head. Wow. What a feeling! She also got some really good profile shots that have me in raptures every time I look at them.

Profile shot. Look at those cheeks!

Profile with his arm and hand.
His (left?) leg and foot. See his perfect toes?

Mommy and Daddy are just in heaven. Yay! Yay! Yay!