Friday, April 5, 2013

Bath time

This post should prolly come later because I haven't written anything since Nathaniel was born, but if I hold off, I'll just forget. So hopefully I'll have time to go back and write about his birth and such (it was amazing), but for now, here's some photos of Nathaniel Dean Machado (born March 30, 2013) having his very first bath at home.

Beginning of his bath. Just a little nervous.
Definitely not enjoying it now.

He loved this part at the end when we washed his hair.

But he didn't like getting all dried off.

Getting all dressed and warm (Daddy combed his hair).

All clean. He was such a trooper, even though he really didn't like it.
Chris and I are in heaven being with our little guy. He's a super content little kid, and he eats like a champ. When the lactation consultant at the hospital saw him latch on she said, "Wow, he's the poster child for latching on!" Also, not that we're biased or anything, but we pretty much think he's the most adorable baby on the planet. 


  1. You can totally be biased!! What a cutie!! Glad you are doing well!!

  2. He's so stinking cute!! I wanna hold HIM!!! It's the pits for grandma to live so far away.