Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nathaniel lately

This boy is full of awesomeness. He makes us laugh every day. Mostly because he has this great smile.

He's also found out where his hands are. He holds his hands in front of him like this (and usually interlocks his fingers):

He's starting to get more interactive. He'll smile when you play peek-a-boo with a blanket and pull it off his face. He also loves it when his daddy holds him high in the air and then pretends that he's going to eat his face as he slowly lowers Nathaniel down towards him. Nathaniel smiles huge and blinks his eyes more and more the closer he gets to Chris's face. 

We like to watch him when he sleeps. He's just so peaceful. 

He's a really good sleeper, for which we can take virtually no credit. He came as a good sleeper, we just tried to stay out of his way.

Lately, I've been playing this Mendelssohn violin concerto for him, and I'll move his arms and legs to the music. The whole movement is about 6 minutes long, but he smiles and wiggles through the whole thing. I'm amazed that he has that kind of attention span.

Basically, I'm in love with being a mom. It's hard of course, but it fulfills me in ways that being a student or having a job never have. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy being a mom at this stage of his life, or at least that those moments of satisfaction would be few and far between. I thought that it'd be only when I looked back that I'd be able to say, "Oh that was such a wonderful time of life!" I thought that in the moment I'd pretty much only feel worn out and tired.

It's remarkable to me how much I am filled when I take care of and play with this sweet kid. Almost every day comes this simple (but strong) joy and peace from being Nathaniel's mom. I know those feelings are a gift from God, my Heavenly Father, and I thank Him for sending such an incredible boy to our home. He knew exactly what child would be perfect for us. 

Is it any wonder that we just can't get enough of this little guy?


  1. It's no wonder at all :) :) :)

  2. Great concerto. It's such a happy one!
    (Your children will grow up much more cultured that you did--I rarely played classical music for my children, just Philadelphia chicken type stuff.)

    It's such a beautiful thing that "men are that they might have joy". I continually marvel at how much joy obedience brings. I want to be lazy, but when instead, I get up and serve (my family, VT sisters, whoever) there's such a quiet joy in my heart that just isn't there when I don't.

    I love that all of God's commandments are designed to bring us joy. It's a no brainer statement, but although I've known it all my life, the joy, or the intensity of it still surprises me almost every time. (Hmmm, random thought: I've never read C.S. Lewis's 'Surprised by Joy'. I need to read that!)

    Isn't it just the best that obedience to the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth brings some of the greatest joys EVER!?!

    I can't wait to smooch his adorable cheeks!!!!!!

  3. Tee-hee! Your two moms were commenting at the same time!

  4. I love reading your blog, you say in words things I have felt many times, yet I don't recall ever voicing! Love you and your sweet family!