Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To an awesome Grandma...

To an amazing Grandma on her birthday,

This is how we feel about you:

And this is how we feel when we remember that we get to see you in less than three weeks:

And Nathan wants you to do lots of this when we see you!

This little angel (and his mom and dad) are wishing you a very happy birthday!
Love you Mom!


  1. I'm not the Grandma but the pictures are ADORABLE!! Thanks for the pictures updates!

  2. To my daughter, whom I love more and more every day: you are a light in my life, and the best daughter in law I could ever want!! You bring joy, laughter, grace, peace, integrity, music, and the pure love of Christ with you wherever you are, and most importantly, to your home, husband and son. I couldn't love you any more if you we're my own flesh and blood!

  3. This post means the world to me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!