Monday, June 16, 2014

Volunteering in the temple

On Saturday I got to spend three hours in the temple helping in the clothing area. First off, I didn't know that this was even a thing you could volunteer for, second, I had no idea it would be that amazing!

It was full of very simple tasks: fold this item, straighten these things on hangers, iron this or stack these. And everyone was doing them. From the supervisors to the new volunteers, (like me) no one was above doing any simple task no matter how repetitive.

And I loved the important attention to detail. Making sure that this thing was folded just so, and that these things were stacked all in a straight line. Checking for this popped seam or stray thread on each article of clothing. It was so fulfilling to do!

It must be because we know the temple is God's house, and all of us just wanted to give our very best to Him no matter how insignificant the task may have seemed.

To anyone seeking for meaningful ways to serve, this was definitely one of my favorites!


  1. You are cute and make me happy!!! Love you!

  2. That's very cool, and I adore you!

  3. What a cool experience! Makes me think of our homes and how they should be like the temple...sometimes I think our society has developed a false idea that homemaking is degrading. But really, trying your best to make your home nice and clean (when you can! Things can be crazy raising children I'm sure) is a righteous endeavor. It shouldn't be done just to keep up appearances. But if it's done for the spiritual climate of your home and for the glory of God is is a worthy cause. : )