Monday, July 28, 2014

1-year-old joy

It just might be impossible to go through a day without smiling and laughing at least once. 1-year-olds just have that effect on people.
  • Yesterday Nathan started pretend growling, and he thinks it's hilarious (so do his parents).
  • Today he learned how to say "uh-oh," even though he doesn't yet know what it means. 
  • He says thanks all the time. It usually sounds like "daints!" 
  • He often goes and grabs a book from his room or off the floor, holds it out to me and says, "uh?" How could I not read it to him?
He smiles so easily.
He laughs so quickly.
There is so much genuine joy in that little boy.

Chris and I will regularly turn to each other and ask how such an awesome little boy came to be in our home. The answer is God sent the us the soul that He knew would be perfect for our family, but I still can't get over how joyful Nathan makes our home.

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  1. What a cutie!! Your sweet family are such great examples! Love you!!