Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brutiful life

Its a: heartburn, nausea, 37-weeks-pregnant, I've-been-chasing-after-an-18-month-old, and I'm-starting-to-catch-his-head-cold.... day. I'm tired, and I'm scared to go to bed for fear of the aching joints and stomach acid. I don't want to focus on the bad, (ok, honestly, there's a little part of me that wants to just have a pity party) but sometimes you just need to tell someone about your battles.

So, now I've shared, and now I'm going to list some of the happy things:
  • Nathaniel turned 18-months old on Tuesday
  • I got to see baby girl's face on the ultrasound yesterday
  • Christopher bought me chocolate at the store today
  • Nathaniel let me take a 30 minute nap this afternoon and he didn't color on anything while I was sleeping.
  • General Conference is this weekend.
  • I have great friends. Friends who send me Facebook messages of encouragement, or who call and chat about life and help me feel like I can cope again.
  • I got the dishwasher emptied AND switched a load of laundry over to the dryer today
  • I have the Book of Mormon to read and find solace in learning more about Jesus Christ.
  • We have the internet with all it's wonderful blessings.
  • I've indexed several hundred names in the past few weeks, and learned about some incredible people who died in the past 20 years or so.
  • I'm learning patience, endurance, and lots of other things through the things I face every day, thanks to the strength I get through the enabling power of Christ's atonement.
Keep on keepin' on, fellow sojourners. Life is hard, but it is very, very good and oh so worth it. As one amazing woman said, "Life is beautiful and life is brutal. Life is brutiful." 


  1. YOU are fantastic and make me happy!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping me try to be better! Love you!

  2. There is always a tangible faith about you, my beautiful daughter. It makes a mom go to her knees in gratitude. You're the best (and so's that handsome man you married and that adorable 18 month old--who's so influenced speech at our house, and that little girl that you're about to bring into the world. I adore you!