Sunday, February 5, 2012

St. George

This weekend, Chris and I went to St. George for a Music Ed conference. The weather was fantastic, and St. George is beautiful. It was a lot of fun just to get away and enjoy spending time together learning about what we both love: music.

Some highlights:
  • Learning about how choir formations affect the overall sound (standing closer together apparently does not equal a more blended sound. Who knew?)
  • Learning about the importance of trust between a conductor and his students in a presentation from Cory Mendenhall (Maple Mountain High School)
  • Laughing together. Really hard.
  • Eating the free chocolate samples at the exhibits
  • Singing new and old songs at the Choral reading session
  • Getting frozen custard from Nielsen's (not as good as Fritz's, but still very tasty)
  • Reading "The Last Battle" on the drive home
  • Spending so much time together

Too bad we can't go back every weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Aww! I'm glad I didn't read this until Valentines day. It's so appropriate.

    It's such a happy thing that you two are so good to each other.