Sunday, March 4, 2012

A day at school... together

On Friday, Chris came with me to school. We got there at 7:45, checked in at the front office (because Chris is technically a visitor) and then went to class. Mrs. Jolley got there a couple of minutes after us because of a ridiculous snow storm that had not been plowed off the roads. She gave us a stack of posters to hang up around the school, so that was a great excuse for me to show Chris the coolest parts of the school. We ran into a bunch of students that I know, and most of them excitedly asked me "Is that Mr. Machado?" (They've been asking to meet him for weeks).

By the time we finished hanging up posters, it was just about time for school to start, so we went back to the choir room and started class. Chris was a real trooper when all of the kids started asking him questions ("What's your favorite football team?" "Will you sing for us?" "Have you read the Hunger Games?" "Would you be on team Peeta or team Gale?" etc.), and I even recounted our engagement story which got many sighs and "Aaaawww!'s" from the girls. Later in the class Chris even jumped in and helped the kids by passing them off on their note-naming flash cards (the kids loved him). The following period was SSR (sustained silent reading, where students go to their 4th period class to read or work on homework) and so Boy's chorus got to meet him too. They sang for him (they just love doing that), and asked him a bunch of questions as well. Chris also stayed for 2nd period, and got to hear the chamber group preparing for the concert they had that night.

Pretty much, the kids thought he was great. He was a big hit.

Then he had to go back to BYU so as not to miss choir, but then he came back that afternoon to pick me up. We went out to dinner (Pizza Pie Cafe) and then went back to school for the concert.

My favorite part of the whole thing, was just getting to be with him so much in one day. What with school and work, most mornings, I drop him off at 7:00 and then we don't meet back up until 8:30 at night. To have a day where we spent so much time together was just a joy. The whole day I would realize that I was just bubbly with happiness, then wonder, "why am I so happy?" and then think "Oh yeah! It's because I got to spend the whole morning with Chris!" or "Oh, yeah! It's because I get to see Chris again in an hour, and then spend the whole evening with him!"

It was a wonderful day.


  1. You two are cute! I can totally hear all the girls sighing after seeing you guys together and hearing your stories. Love you guys!!

  2. That made me happy! So fun to show off your man!

    And spending the day with your sweetie--just about the best thing ever!

  3. sounds like tons of fun! Happy happy happiness!