Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birfday! Birfday!

Today Sarah turns 23, and in honor of her birthday, here are 23 reasons why she is the best wife ever:

1. She is a wonderful teacher.
2. She is constantly seeking to be a better person.
3. She eats foods that she doesn't like, sometimes until she does like them. Crab, for instance. (Or rather, krab. We aren't rich, you know).
4. She's retaught me how much I love reading. We are reading The Lord of the Rings together right now.
5. She supports all of my crazy plans to start choirs or organize the house.
6. She loves good music, and has great taste and natural musicianship.
7. Sometimes I'm weird. Or annoying. Or both. Nut she'll put up with me day after day.
8. She loves and lives by the words of the prophets.
9. She loves her family dearly. And who can blame her? They're awesome.
10. All children, even shy cling-to-mom children, are attracted to her like magnets. She can make friends with any child in under two minutes.
11. Sometimes she buys me peanut butter eggs and hides them places.
12. She knows all of the things about computer software, which comes in handy often.
13. People can light up and be real around her.
14. She's already a good parent. Already.
15. I get a greater sense of joy and hope about life when I remember that I get to do it with her.
16. She cares very much about everything that she undertakes to do.
17. She's got a super cute face.
18. She speaks and loves Hebrew.
19. She's a fantastic listener, and is ever empathetic.
20. She has very soft cheeks. If you've never noticed, give 'em a feel sometime. But you might want to ask first.
21. She laughs at the ridiculous things that I say.
22. She can do anything. When she starts at something, her attitude says, humbly but truthfully, I can do this.
23. She makes the whole world more wonderful and magical.

Happy Birthday, Sarah!


  1. I am a few days late but that was one of the cutest things I have read!! Happy Birthday Sarah!! Sure do love you guys!

  2. That is the kind of post that would make any woman's heart melt!

    Such a good list--you obviously know her so well--I'm a fan too!

    My fav? #15

    (Sarah, you pick well)