Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On locking my keys in the car...

Today I locked my keys in the car. At the gas station. Right in front of the pump. Great.

Well, blessing of all blessings, I had my phone in my pocket. Thank heavens for a brother who lives right next to Chris's work who could run over and grab Chris's keys from him when I asked. Thank heavens that Chris had a free moment so that he could run outside to give his keys to Stephen. Thank heavens for Stephen's sister-in-law who had a car and was available to drive him over to the gas station to deliver the keys. Thank heavens to the sweet woman who offered to give me a ride somewhere if I needed it (couldn't leave the car unattended at the pump, but such a thoughtful thing to offer). Thank heavens for the kindly older gentleman who tried to see if there was a way to roll the windows down from the outside (didn't work, but what a thoughtful thing to try). Thank heavens for the gas station attendant who recommended calling the police to have them unlock it (turned out it was faster to have Stephen bring the keys). Thank heavens for the visiting teacher who was willing to drive all the way over to where Stephen lives in case his sister-in-law wasn't available (she was available, but how nice to know that I can count on her in a pinch). Thank heavens for the two different women who smiled and sweetly told me stories of when they'd locked their keys in the car and told me not to worry because things like this just happen.  And yes, thank heavens for the thoughtful woman who sympathetically smiled and mouthed, "Good luck," as she drove off.

Who knew that locking my keys in the car at the gas station would brighten my faith in the goodness of humanity? Thank you, everyone. Thanks for going out of your way to help me today. I feel truly blessed.


  1. You are so great! Not many people would find that many things to be grateful for when they had locked themselves out. What an awesome example you are!!

  2. Just don't end up doing what I did a couple of years back and lock your keys in your car 3 times within a month.

  3. Way to see the positive in a lousy situation. My worst key locking escapade involved my one year old STILL IN THE CAR asleep, on a hot Texas afternoon. Not my best mothering day!

  4. Thanks heaven for a lovely daughter who looks for the silver lining. (She makes me happy)