Monday, October 15, 2012

The baby moves!!!

On Friday, I felt the baby move for the first time! I was only half awake when I realized what was happening and my eyes flew right open. Of course after telling Chris, I had to call my mom and talk excitedly about it and other baby stuff for like an hour. :)

Go, Baby! Go! Keep growing, keep moving, and Daddy and I... we'll keep loving you!

As a bonus, here's what my "baby bump" looks like as of today.

17 weeks

P.S. Does anyone have recommendations on baby/pregnancy/labor/parenting books? I've read some of the standards, "What to expect when your expecting," "Your pregnancy week by week," etc. but I'd love to read more of what's out there (memoirs, labor methods, nursing guides, you name it). Let me know if you have any favorites.


  1. So fun to see the pic!!! Sure love you two -- I mean three!!!

  2. Yay this is so happy! So, I've never had a baby....obviously. But if you're looking for something to consider - this is an ideology I heard about in my health classes that really resonates with me. Maybe you've heard about it - Lamaze birthing practices. It's basically optimizing your natural ability to have a baby and avoiding unnecessary interferences. Here's a website:

  3. If I was a parent I'd tell you... but I'm not married

  4. If you prepare yourself anymore you'll be unprepared.

  5. You are so cute!

    The only baby stuff I read before any of my kiddos was the weekly emails you can get sent to you from I really liked them!

  6. Truthfully, every book says the same thing.

    I do really like the La Leche League book on nursing (assuming you're breastfeeding). I'd happy supply it to you for xmas.