Monday, January 7, 2013

My own Mortality

Saturday, Chris and I were standing in line somewhere and he suddenly reaches over and starts poking around in my hair. I thought I must have had a fuzzy in it or something and he was just pulling it out.


Chris found my first gray hair. What?

At first I was like, "Whoa! that's soo cool! I've never had a gray hair before." I've always thought gray hair was dignified, and regal. Not that I have any problem with people dyeing away their grays, I just like the thought of one day having a full head of gray hair.

But then I started feeling all contemplate-y. I'm only 23, and as recently as a year ago, I was mistaken for a 14 year-old because I look so young for my age. Never in my life have I experienced a sign of growing old before. My whole life I've essentially only grown in strength, height, weight, mental ability, stamina, etc. This is the first time that I've seen evidence of my mortality, evidence that my body is going to wear out and die. Sure, that likely won't happen for at least another 50 years, but what an odd sensation it was to encounter that evidence for the first time.

Merrill J Bateman gave an address where he talked about growing old. He said:
The aches and pains of later life teach humility, the meaning of long-suffering, the importance of patience, and an appreciation for the qualities of kindness and love, and they help one learn moderation in all things. It’s interesting. These are the divine attributes. For the faithful, the slow deterioration of the body serves as a refining instrument for the spirit. (emphasis added)
I love that view of growing old. The aging process is not something to be feared (contrary to what the world tells us). The aging process is a gift from God. It is a "refining instrument for the spirit." What a hopeful view of the future. Growing old teaches us divine attributes and helps mold us into becoming more like God, our Father.

For me, that aging process is still quite a ways out there, but I've taken a first step. Chris already has a gray-haired lady for a wife. We're growing old together.

What an exciting thought!


  1. Growing older is so much better than being stuck in middle school forever ;).

  2. I'm with machomom!

    I like Elder Bateman said. It's true.

    BTW, I found my first grey hair at 24.

  3. I've been ignoring a grey hair on my head for several weeks and finally pulled it out the other day. ACK! What's happening to us?!!