Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vintage fun

I was playing around with my hair and makeup today and this is what I came up with.

Just a bit of silliness really. But it sure is fun to feel pretty and feminine. (Yay vintage!)

And on a sort of related note:
"The bounds of creativity extend far beyond the limits of a canvas or a sheet of paper and do not require a brush, a pen, or the keys of a piano... Try to see how many smiles you can create, write a letter of appreciation, learn a new skill, identify a space and beautify it." 
-President Uchtdorf

So today, my space to beautify was my face.


  1. Looks very pretty, Sarah! Good idea to be creative! :)

  2. Such a classic beauty!! (but then, I've always thought that about you!)

    Love the video! It reminds me to much of Dad!

  3. Beautiful from birth. Fun to see different look. You wear it well. Love to see you in a movie playing some heroine of long ago. Love you lots.