Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pregnancy/Baby update

I'm officially to the 3rd Trimester. Woot, woot! A few updates/thoughts on this pregnancy:

  • I had a RhoGam shot this week. I'm rh negative and Chris is rh positive, so that means I'll get a shot with every pregnancy. It was a hip shot and the first shot I think I've ever had that wasn't in my arm (apart from when I was a baby, of course). Not a big deal to get, but super important in the long run.
  • I failed my one-hour diabetes test and got to take the three-hour version yesterday. It was kind of an adventure, and now I have a sweet bruise on my right arm where the blood draw went a little wonky (the other four were no problem, so my left arm looks fine :). Don't know the results yet, but I know gestational diabetes runs in the family, although my mom didn't have it with any of us kids, so it could go either way really. Anyone know, what do they do for treatment? Is it a watch-what-you-eat kind of thing, or do you have to take insulin or something?
  • Baby boy is still a mover and a shaker. Last week I started to be able to feel him poking into my belly. I just felt my tummy one day and went "Whoa. Right here it's hard and not squishy, but over here it feels normal." Totally made my day. 
  • My belly is getting bigger, but I'm still sleeping fine and have only slowed down a little. Really, I have been Hugely blessed during this pregnancy because overall I have felt fan-tas-tic. I know many women don't feel good during pregnancy, (my mother was one of them) and so I thank the Lord that I have been blessed this way, and pray that He will comfort every mother who doesn't feel good. You go, Mommas!
  • Our friends and family have been so generous. We've been given lots of baby things, especially clothes. I think this kid has more clothes than he can wear up through the 3 month mark. We've also gotten a bouncy seat, a car seat, dressers, loads of diapers, baby shampoo, lotion, board books, baby toys, etc., etc. Thank you to all who have given so lovingly and graciously. It means so much to us!
29 weeks down, 11 to go!


  1. How great to have a healthy happy mom and baby! As for the gestational diabetes thing... I am technically not in that group, however I only passed by one point. So I got a few tips. I don't know how different it would be if I had been one point higher. Anyway, what I was told was: avoid sugar and white carbs (Like white bread, white rice, that sort of thing.) but eat a lot of protein. Also, don't skip meals and have a small snack between meals. So for me it is all diet controlled. I think it would be the same for you. Good luck!! Love you!

  2. Amanda works with Diabetes daily. You only need insulin if you have type 1 diabetes(Always needs insulin, I don't think you have that one) Or if You have really really severe type 2 diabetes (That one usually is due to extreme weight problems...Pregnancy doesn't count...) and even then those with type 2 diabetes usually aren't insulin dependent.

  3. I was told with my 5th pregnancy that diabetic moms can have serious problems with their babies. That was enough to make me eat very carefully and none of my later babies were affected by the gestational diabetes at all. Knowing my babies health could be affected was a really powerful motivator for me. I just wish I could be so in control all the time.

  4. I miss you and your hubby and your big belly! This baby seriously cannot come soon enough for this grandma.

  5. I had gestational diabetes with my last 3 kids... it was all controlled by diet and wasn't a big deal... I had much better control over my eating because my childs health was at stake. That being said... I knew that put me at a higher risk to get diabetes later in life... and it caught up with me at age 47. I am now controlled by oral meds... Bert is not as lucky, he is now insulin dependant. I love the few pics I have seen of you pregnant... you and Chris will make amazing parents... so excited for you!

  6. I had to have rhogam after Brandon was born, back then they waited till they blood typed the baby before giving the shot. I didn't need one with Stacy because she is Rh-negitive too. Fun times. Love your posts, Love you more.
    Aunt Jeri
    P.S. Brandon's April(due Feb. 15) went to Dr. today. Cool news baby is 6lbs, dropped, April is 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced, probably won't make it 4 more weeks. Two more weeks max or maybe tonight? Hope Brandon is up on his mid-wifery skills.