Friday, March 25, 2016

Eva Words

Eva says so many words. She has over 50 now, and I even heard her put two of them together in a pseudo-sentence a couple of days ago. Here's a list of some of my favorites:

"DAH-doo" = water
"beesh" = brush (as in brush her teeth)
"tar(s)" = car(s)
"MI-mi" = bunny (she LOVES her stuffed bunny)
"boss" = blocks
"BEH-ee" = belly
"byoo" = blue
"BAH-bist" = breakfast
"lush" = lunch
"TUH-tee"= cookie
"CHEY-oh-uh" = chair
"piz-OH" = puzzle
"bup" = book
"sauce" = socks
"sah" = song
"has" = I want that
"tyoo" = me too!
"hud" = hug
"bed" = blanket
"chees" = cheeks
"ah yoo" = I love you

Momma loves you too, my little sugar plum.